1994 at The Marquis Of Ormonde, Codnor with Joy                                   2009 at John Bridges retirement party with the                                                                                                                                                            Dukeries team


                   2002 at Shadowmania with The Vibratos


The Cavern, Liverpool 1997 when I was with Boy On A Dolphin

Private wedding in Totley, the night Pricess Diana was killed.

With Boy On A Dolphin standing in for Pete who had hurt his back.

Cary Baylis also played that night. This is where Acoustic Angels was born. Great memories eh  ?

This is THE Strat on which Hank played Apache on the 1960 single.

How cool is it to have had a play on that ?

What can you say, Pete Stringfellow helped us form our band  back in the day.

Andrew has been a fan of Buddy Holly since the tender age of 4yrs old after being introduced to the music by his father Ian and this is where his passion for all things Holly and interest in Buddy's legacy all began. 

Andrew would keep it in the family and at the age of 19 started his performing career with his Fathers band "Hollydayz" as lead guitarist which lasted for 11yrs and during this period he would perform all over the U.K at prestigious events including the "Eddie Cochran Memorial weekend" and theatre venues such as Buxton Opera House and the City Hall Sheffield to name a few and share the same bill with names such as Gene Vincents "Blue Caps",Bobby Cochran(Eddie's Nephew)Mike Berry,Albert Lee,The Merseybeats, Darrel Higham and the son of the late J.P Richardson aka The Big Bopper. 

In 2007 Andrew would be asked to portray his idol for the first time in a production of the West End Smash Hit "Buddy The Buddy Holly Story" at the Lyceum theatre Sheffield and went on to receive critical acclaim for his portrayal with accolades coming from Sheffields very own 60's pop star Dave Berry (who saw Buddy Holly live back in 1958)and from many other fans who saw Buddy on that same U.K tour and since then, Andrew has forever been associated with the famous Horn Rim Glasses.

Andrew is also a Singer/Songwriter and to date has released two independent albums and has worked with John Parr (St Elmo's Fire) and Mercury music nominee and Mojo award winner Richard Hawley (Coles Corner,Lady's Bridge)and his music has even received attention from the Peter Pan of pop himself, Sir Cliff Richard who stated that he "loved both the songs and the vocals" after hearing Andrews second album "Tomorrow" and wished him every success with his music career and upon this same albums release, HMV placed it in their "Favourites Category" 
Andrews music has also been played on local radio (BBC Radio Sheffield, Trax FM,) and has been heard all around the world as far as Australia,Canada and the United States.  

So to conclude and bring us right up to date, in 2014 Andrew had the privilege of being asked to be part of Past Masters popular theatre show "Lets Rock the Jukebox" to perform his homage to Buddy once again and he has been enjoying working in this successful production ever since and has seen the show go from strength to strength over the last few years and is now looking forward to sharing the stage with Stan,Alan,Arthur,Damion, Mick and Dave in 2018 and beyond and achieving new heights with the shows and sharing the exciting future that's ahead for Past Masters. 


Andrew Morley as Buddy Holly


Stan Fuller

I used to go and watch MAGIC back in the 1977 era at Dial House Club in Sheffield whenever they were appearing on our nights off. They were a 'groups' group, we all aspired to be able to sing and play as tight as they were back then and one standout member for me was Stan Fuller, their bass player and 'high voice'. His Rickenbacker bass was a delight to hear and later he bought the Roland Synth bass, playing it with equal panache blending with his superb vocals. One night much later, around 1990, I went to see Magic at Sheffield Lane WMC and he was no longer with them. I was gutted, it was like watching The Shadows without Hank, or The Beatles without Paul.

I asked the band where he was but they were very economical with the truth so I left, as they were not a patch on the band I had grown to admire.

Fast forward to 2016 at the funeral of my agent and friend John Bridges. By a quirk of fate it was at Bishop Auckland Crematorium and at the wake, at a local club, this couple joined us at our table. I asked the guy if he was an agent too, as I seemed to recognise him, but it turned out to be Stan - I'd found him after not knowing what happened all those years ago. We immediately got on and he told me that he knew of our band, culminating in an invitation to join us on the theatre shows - the rest is history.

God bless John Bridges, this was a parting gift that money could never buy.